Saturday, October 30, 2010

Snow Day

Snow day is a multi-media piece depiction two young girls out on a snow day. The girls are

U.R. Mine

U.R. Mine is 17 inches tall. He is made of long carmel colored mohair & has tan woolfelt paw pads. He has sincere green glass eyes and a brown stitched nose. He has dark brown & redwood accents. He is wearing a white woolfelt collar and has a blue, burgundy and tan tie. He has a delightful 7 tone jinglebutt.


Saturday, May 17, 2008

Hoppin' Don Bunnie Trail

Hoppin' Don D. Bunnietrail is an made from sparse tan mohair. He has off-white woolfelt wired ears and stands 14 inches tall. He has dark amber eyes, a cute pink nose, and white horehair whiskers. Although his head is jointed, his arms and legs are not. His arms are wired and can be posed. He is wearing an off white woolfelt vest that is accented with 3 needlepunched eggs in pink, aqua, robin's egg, and yellow. His vest is accented in pink blanket stitch, even the little cut out for his fluffy white tail. He was the winner of the first prize in the Stufffed Animal Division of the Wisconsin State Fair in 2007.